Monday, August 30, 2010

Lenovo develop video games console

Lenovo is currently completing the development of their video game console called the "eBox '. The console is part of the company's efforts to expand their product categories.

"Lenovo set up a company named Beijing eedoo Technology will manage the development of the entertainment console, eBox," said Jay Chen, a spokesman for Lenovo, as quoted from the Wall Street Journal, Monday, August 30, 2010.

Console, according to Chen, originally developed internally by Lenovo. "The company formed a team to create a prototype of the console, after it separates into a separate company, earlier this month," Chen said.

Although no further details about the new game consoles made by Lenovo, the eBox Chen says that the prototype has a similar motion based control technology owned by Microsoft Kinect platform.

In addition, Chen said, eBox is expected to circulate in China in late 2010 before the market presence in other countries. Therefore, the possibility of eBox would be classified as a Plug 'n' Play, not a home game console which is a prohibited device in China.

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